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Quality Professional Appraisal Services for Residential in Southwest Michigan

Choose Your Appraisal Service Wisely

Choosing the right appraisal company for your property is critical to your success in managing your real estate investments.

At Vance Appraisals, we not only understand all facets of the appraisal process, but we also have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing real estate market specializing in Harbor Country but work throughout all of Berrien County.

Our clients know they can trust our comprehensive reports and depend upon us for accuracy. They are confident in our ability to provide them with a decided advantage over their competition.

We pride ourselves in providing accurate, affordable appraisals without delay.  In addition to traditional appraisal services, we offer a range of specialty real estate services including square footage verification for realtors and homeowners, comparable photographs, and more.

We Know Property

Vance Appraisals assists clients in assessing their properties’ values.  It doesn’t matter whether a structure is newly constructed or has been around for over a century.  We provide expert appraisals on all residential properties and specialize in Resort Homes and New Construction of all sizes and values.

We Know Lender Requirements

We have extensive knowledge about local and national lenders.  Regardless of whether you need an appraisal for a new mortgage, for investment analysis, or for new construction, we know what information specific lenders need.  We also know how to provide the correct information so you can proceed with your real estate transaction as quickly as possible.

We Know What You Need

Our extensive appraisal experience, our familiarity with residential properties in Berrien County, and our awareness of lenders needs makes Vance Appraisal the perfect appraisal partner for your real estate transactions.

Contact us to order your appraisal today.  We look forward to working with you!

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